Plume of the Last Fallen Snow

Feather granting some witchcrow abilities


Plume of the Last Fallen Crow
Aura faint divination, strong transmutation; CL 9th
Slot -; Price 5500 gp; Weight –
This feather glistens and is the color of an obsidian shard. The plume of the last fallen crow bestows upon its owner the ability to communicate with birds, understanding them and even commanding those with a friendly or helpful attitude to deliver messages or share information. Once a day, if the feather is held aloft and the command word is spoken, the owner is transformed into a Greater Witchcrow (Pathfinder #67: Snows of Summer Pg. 88). This form will last for up to five minutes and grants all the powers of this magical raven for the duration of the transformation. Additionally, up to three times a day the plume may be used to cast the vanish spell (CL 5) by rubbing the feather against a target.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, perfect greater witchcrow feather,


Plume of the Last Fallen Snow

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