Reign Of Winter

Prologue - Heldren


April 08 (3 months ago)
Casey C. Mentor
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I will probably keep more information about the campaign on Obsidian Portal. Maybe not if this site works well enough. If you have not joined me there on OP, you will probably want to. If you need an invite let me know. I will need your info for obsidian portal. You may be able to search and request if you find my Reign Of Winter page on there.

That being said, here is some basic information as you start to form your characters.

Your characters are part of a small hamlet called Heldren. This is a peasant community in the southern part of Taldor in Goloran. Far from the politics of oppara, heldren carries on in it’s own way as a relatively small and unimportant hamlet of farmers, herders, and woodcutters.

I will assign your character a starting role and position in the town based on the class you decide to play.

When determining some of your starting traits and attibutes, you may want to consider the life you have had in this hamlet (mostly human but other races survive without persecution) Try reading the Reign of Winter players guide, a free download from This guide can give you some insight to the campaign as a whole and some choices for starting feats.

I will provide a map of Heldren here as well

1. Armory
2. Isker’s Smithy

3. General Store

4. Town hall

5. Willowbark Apothecary

6. Barber

7. The Silver Stoat (Tavern)

8. Livery Stable

9. Town Square / Statue of “The Lady”

10. Ionnia Teppen’s House

11. Temple of Erastil

12. Carpenter

13. Heldren Sawmill

14. The Butcher of Jarlune

15. Old Mother Theodora’s

May 01 (3 months ago)
Casey C. Mentor
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Notable folks in Heldren, human unless otherwise noted

Isker Euphram – Smithy

Xanthippe (Xanth) – metalworker, town beauty, Isker’s daughter

Edward Hawke – newcomer, highly skilled with mechanics, blacksmith’s apprentice

Vivialla Steranus – general store owner, ships to and from Zimar frequently

Orillus Davigen – clockmaker, tinker, machinist, old

Tessaraea Willowbark ( Tessa )- apothecary, wizened older elf, talented alchemist and presumed a witch

Vendjavier Vairohta – Tessa’s nephew. Trained at wizardy school in Absolam, bit of a brat. Elf.

Argus Goldtooth – dwarves barber, natural healer, heavy drinker.

Baldor of Beorn – Quiet Monk who enjoys meditating in the garden of Argus Goldtooth.

Menander Garimos – chef and owner of the silver stoat, local inn. Likes gossip

Kale Garimos – bartender and innkeeper of the silver stoat.

Oriann Swifft- local investigator, assistant to Iona Teppin, tiefling

Iona Teppin – tolerant town mayor. Encourages freedom of religion and expression. Runs town events and town council

Sophia Imirras – stable owner, wedding planner

Elder Natharen Safander – cleric of era still, dispises government control openly, believes all gods have a place in Heldren

Zaarida Safander – worships the forbidden goddess saranrae openly. Quadiran transplant.

Tengezil Frimbocket (Ten-frim) – gnome inventor and master carpenter. His gingerbread detailings are famous all over Taldor.

Alexius Demitris – son of Cornelius, spoiled but a noble of high standing. Runs the lucrative lumber operation for his father

Exavier Demetris – youngest male of the Demetris noble family. Curious and strong willed

Cornelius Demetris – patriarch of the noble family. Reasonable but firm with a strong business sense. Slow to anger but a powerful man.

Lycia Vallant – partner with Alexius, sawmill’s operations manager. His large house is called “sawmill manor” by the locals

Perkin Tarimm- known as the butcher of Jalrune. A retird Zimar corsair. Prepares meat for the town in his butcher shoppe.

Old mother Theodora – the wise woman of the village. Has been around longer than anyone remembers. A soothsayer who lives on the edge of town.

Senril – resident woodsman, resides in a lodge outside of town. Caretaker of town animals and more or less the vet for town animals.

Godric Burnell. Adopted assistant of Henril. Not from town but has made a name for himself providing good fresh meat for the towns orphans.

Prologue - Heldren

Timeline of character stories and events:

Month of Gozran



Alexius gets punched by Xanthippe


Hawk leaves for the island

Vendjavier works in the shop

Vendjavier challenged to a duel


Vendjavier duels Alexius in the town square



Oriann discovers a mysterious dead stranger



Hawk returns back from the island

Hawk encounters young Exavier Demitris

Jerr prepares for the festival

Spring Festival


Ten-frim prepares arrow shafts for Godric

Godric pieces together arrows




Scram investigates the frost





Scram arrives in Heldren


Baldor encounters a snowstorm


Town council meeting

Caelum has a vision


An early frost begins

Prologue - Heldren
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