Reign Of Winter

Baldor of Beorn - A Quiet Meditation

May 03 (3 months ago)
Casey C. Mentor
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Balfor meditated quietly in the solace of the garden Argus had created behind his home. You would not have thought a dwarf could create such a masterpiece or be in such harmony with nature. Being a half-elf, Balfor had inherited a knack for appreciating the beauty in nature as well as the creativity humans often wielded. Sitting in. Meditative trance, Balfor would spend countless hours gaining wisdom from both the heavens, the earth itself, and from within his own soul. His path was a narrow one. Today was no different. As the sun rose, Balfor’s quiet meditation began. Time unravelled and his consciousness entered a state of harmony. This is why he did not notice the first flake fall and land on the petals of the tallvine fireflower, or the second land on the statue of the old frog, or the third, land on the tip of his outstretched pinky finger. As his eyes finally opened, awakening from his meditation, the garden was under assault by a hundred thousand tiny snowflakes.


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